Monday, March 3, 2014

Confession 46 - SquareHub our families private network to communicate safely

I hope you are staying warm all across the nation in these wet cold conditions. Today I'm confessing about an app I've talked about before, SquaeHub. Do you all remember this app? It's the one that let's you set up a private network for you to communicate with your immediate family. It's a sorta of private FaceBook just for your family.  I'm in love with it, especially now that the kids are getting older.

Santa brought each of the girls an iPad mini for Christmas this year and the girls are connected more than ever.  I think my pre-teen ask to be on some type of social media daily, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram ... on and on. But I'm so leery, it makes her so exposed and puts an element into her world, I just don't want there right now. That's where SquareHub comes in. She feels part of a social network that is controlled by me and gets to share what she's doing and what she wants to do.

Recently, we started using the app even more with the release of some new versions of SquareHub.  You can now connect with people on all devices, iOS, Android / Google Play and the newest addition Kindle Fire. Each one of us uses a different device in our family but we can all use the same app to stay connected! It's fabulous! It was the one element that was keeping us from adding Dad into the mix.

So why don't we just use group texting? Well, for one, the girls iPad minis just work off of wifi and iMessage, which does not support texting to an Android or KindleFire device. And reason two, group texting isn't as interactive or fun! With the newest release of SquareHub,  there is expansive stickers and photo editing options.

I find everyone in the family intereacting more and having more fun via SquareHub.  It's our new family's addiction!

SquareHub recently has added calendar synchronization with external calendars that support the iCal format.

I'm in love with this app. As we began to prepare for my daughter's trip to Europe (yes a confession for another time), this will be great for her to post pictures, ask us questions and advice and check in and keep us updated.

How does your family keep your kids safe on social media? What confessions do you have about your kids dabbling into social media? I would love to hear them!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my latest confession!

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