Monday, November 25, 2013

Confession 43 - SquareHub Keeping You Connected

Hi there, I've been MIA for awhile, life is definitely getting the better of me these days. The girls are getting older and they have more activities, and well, life is speeding by me at warp speed! Nevertheless, I'm making an attempt to keep on my blog.

Today I'm confessing about an app, that actually I've already confessed all the nifty goodness of it before, but I felt another post was warranted since it's new updated release (Droid release!), SquareHub. If you didn't take my recommendation to heart like I asked you to last time, there is no time like the present to start using this app.  I will break it down for everyone....

SquareHub is a private network, it's much like a private Facebook for your family.  Your family can be anyone or any group, you don't have to be related....  Get a refresher of what this app can do at my previous post here: SquareHub Intro. Now that your in expert in how it works, go quick download it and starting using it!

Two new updates with the new release of the app, is Family Sharing and Bucket List.
Family Sharing allows you to share important updates and pictures with people outside of your family like grandparents or close friends.  You can email directly from the app and a reply can be sent via email and posted to the app as well. Genius right? Sometimes extended family members won't adopt a new app or you may not want them in your close network, as there is too much dirty laundry going on.  So this is a great compromise! Check out the tutorial below on how to use Family Sharing:

The other really cool update is the Family Bucket List!  These are all those little things you think about doing as a family and then, because life is going so fast these days, you forget about it. Keep a rolling list of things you want to do, places you want to visit and restaurants you want to check out.  It's a very cool way to stay connected and share information with your family.

Does your family like ours do the whole "what are you thankful for?" during Thanksgiving Dinner? This year, I'm determined to get all my family members to download this app. after we discuss what we are thankful for. Since at the top of my thankful list is family, what a great segway into staying connected and sharing moments!  You ready for the challenge? Have something fun to talk about this Thanksgiving and be the talk of your family. It will forever change family communication!

If you gathered anything from this post, it's to go now, run don't walk... and download SquareHub! You won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my latest confession!