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My everyday confessions open a snapshot of me and my life to you the reader. My daily confessions are often times about present things in my life and sometimes "who" I am is lost in the subject matter at hand.  So read below and hopefully learn a thing or two about me and my life!

Here's a little bit about me... I hope this doesn't scare you from coming back!
  1. I like music, all genres, all types and I have to listen to it all the time.
  2. I like to laugh, a lot, sometimes about the weird stuff people do, but mostly at myself.
  3. I like shoes and clothes and PRODUCTS, hair products, makeup, nailpolish... you have no idea how much of this stuff I own, and you may never!
  4. I like to think I'm a good photographer (sometimes I really am, and sometimes, well, I miss the mark)
  5. I don't like to cook (more about this when I talk about the hubbs)
  6. I like to do graphic design, I'm no means an expert and am completely self taught
  7. I like gadgets and technology, my iphone and APPS! I LOVE APPS! (that's Applications not to be confused with Appetizers)
  8. I like to take naps, with my kids, the hubbs and even my BFF.
  9. I go postal occasionally, not very often, but sometimes, I need to vent, and I admit, I go postal!
  10. I love the TV and absolutely love to go to the movies. 
I'm a mother of two absolutely stunning girls with big eyes and long eyelashes, and honestly, I've never had anyone challenge me. They are my full time job and I'm honored to be their mom. They are the apple of my eye, the jelly to my peanut butter... they are truly my everything. And on a constant basis, they teach me new things about life and myself.

My Oldest, AKA, the big B age 9 (you can try to come up with a reason why I call her "B") is very much like me. She is an old soul. Loves culture, traveling and trying new things. She is very adventurous and often times a hypochondriac.  She has bad allergies (both sinus and skin) and at any given time, is usually complaining about that. She is an amazing piano and violin player and she loves all type of music, from Elvis, to the Beatles to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. She is an amazing dancer and loves to make up her own dance moves. At times, I see her as my friend since we have so many things in common, but mostly as my sweet kind daughter who is very compassionate, smart and giving.

My Youngest, AKA, the little B age 6, is very much like her daddy. She's a little OCD, has some sensory issues but is so sweet. There has never been a person that has met her that doesn't want to just squeeze her and then get lost in her eyes. She is an amazing artist and loves to color and draw. She is so good at it too! I'm amazed at her creativity and the precise way she draws and colors. She likes to play the piano, play softball and play soccer. She loves to read and is very good at it. She is giving and compassionate too, and has an infectious laugh.  Little B has been a challenge to parent, but so rewarding too with all the talented things she can do.

That brings me to the hubbs. I met him when I was 19 and a sophomore in college while he was still in the US Marine Corp, and we have been together since our first date in 1993! Shocking I know! It hasn't been all rainbows and apple pie, and we have been through many good times and some not so good. We've experienced many births, many deaths, many weddings, anniversaries and birthdays together. He loves to cook and I use to like to clean before the kids came along, and we make a great team in the kitchen. We both love to entertain, he likes to do the menu planning, cooking and cocktails and I like to do the decorating. He's a college educated entrepreneur and has always been able to provide for our family.  He loves wood working, working out and watching TV (a lot of it, mostly the history, military or cooking channel).  He's a musician and you can find him most often listening to Jazz. My nickname for him is Meester and I don't really know how it came about nearly 20 years ago now.  I'd like to say we are still "in Love" after all these years, and make a point to make quiet time together and date night a priority as often as we can. 
Marine Corp Ball 1996

In TN January 2013
You will learn more about me as you follow me here on my blog.  Here are some more interesting facts about me in no particular order:

I love the beach, especially secret spots of the beach, I like going to Disneyland and one time I was there for 72 hours and even slept there when Star Tours first opened, I like to get Mc Donald's french fries and dip them in a strawberry shake, I was a vegetarian for most of my life, I love wine, all kinds, I love the roaring 20's and the 50's, I love history if presented in a fun way especially in the form of a movie or a good novel, I love music and listen to a wide genre, from Country, to Jazz, to Hard Rock, Grunge and Pop. I like to dance even though I don't think I'm very good at it. My all time favorite place to travel is Paris. I love to travel and have been to many different countries. Some with friends, some with the hubbs and some on my own. I head up a book club and have been getting back into reading, all genres and yes, I did read 50 Shades of Grey, nothing is off limits.  I'm a very giving person and at any given time you can find me doing a project for a friend or throwing a party of my own or helping a friend with one. 

Lately, I've been focusing on getting back to the basics, with no fluff, just "old school" fun with family and friends. I'm striving to be a better listener and more present in the moment so that my family and friends feel like I'm totally engaged with them. 

I hope you enjoy "engaging" with me and learning about all my confessions!

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