Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Confession 35 - Oh Crap, it's Bikini Season, Need to Sugar!

Today I'm confessing about Sugaring, but before I do, if you are an elder, or older person related to me by blood, marriage or otherwise, please step away and do not scroll any further! Okay, now that I've got that out of the way.

How did all this sugar business start? Well, let me give you a little background. For years, I put myself into the category of Oprah Winfrey, who has gone on record and TV saying that she doesn't wax. She's old school and she's "groomed" but kept the way God intended her to be. I liked that thought process for many reasons, and at the end of the day, I'm a big chicken! I am scared to do anything down there in the "nether regions". So, for years, I stayed groomed in the comfort of my own home, by myself.

But this weekend I'm headed to the river with some friends and will be in a bathing suit for 4 days straight and well, the thought of shaving was giving me much anxiety. Meanwhile, a mutual friend of my BFF was telling us all about sugaring. It's cool, doesn't really hurt and so much better than waxing.  I waffled on it for days and then ultimately succumbed to checking it out.

I snagged this from Kari's FB Page!

I'll have to say, I was pretty nervous and anxiety ridden walking into the studio and filling out my profile sheet and contemplated walking out the door leaving Kari (the Sugar Guru) a note saying, nope, not gunna happen, changed my mind. But just as that was happening in my head, my BFF emerged with Kari and confessed "it's not that bad and really you'll be fine." She proceeded to tell me that I should let her get  "all up in my lady business" and think of her like a doctor. Don't be embarrassed and just get it done. YIKES! Ok, there's nothing but anxiety that comes from hearing the word "lady business" ... Just saying!  Here's what her studio room looks like:

Kari made me very comfortable and she talked me through the process. She's fast and good! Wow, I had no idea, how have I gone my whole adult life so far without checking this out? Kari explained to me that sugaring dates back to the Pharaohs ... really?  I guess I can say I'm walking like an Egyptian now! Yahoo! I needed another code word that didn't pose a weird response from people....

I highly recommend checking it out. Go like Kari of OC Sugaring's Page on Facebook and take a look at her website to learn more about sugaring.  If you are going to try it, try it with a professional who knows her "sweetness" like Kari, she's totally the bomb.com.

She's also offering up first time customers a 10% discount on their first sugaring experience.  Just mention that you heard about her from Confessions of a Creative Junkie and she will give you the discount.

Today, I hope you liked my true and quite possibly the most TMI confession! Thanks for stopping by!

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