Monday, February 4, 2013

Confession 13 - Julep Box of the Month

Today I am confessing about my obsession with "box of the month" clubs.  I've written about them before and you can find those posts here and here  These were really popular in the late 90's. Some of you that knew me back then, know that I worked for a company that did a beer of the month, a cigar of the month (yes, I dappled in smoking cigars back then {wow you got an extra confession there}) and wine of the month club. Now they are back with a new twist.  The twist being all the information you get about the products, during, in the box and after. Also, many of these clubs have you fill out a survey and send you products based on how you answered certain questions on the survey. I'm currently subscribed to 4 different ones. And I just love the beginning of every month when they all start trickling in... {{{bliss}}}. I'm so old school and still love to send and receive snail mail. I will have to tell you, that each and every club packages up their goods in such a cute and eye appealing way.

Julep is no different with that, check out their cute square box below and then how cute all their items are wrapped in the second picture. Go peruse their site and read the story from their founder and CEO, pretty interesting. I love reading about entrepreneurs and what sparked them to start their business.  So, what is it? Essentially it's a "nail polish of the month club". Very cool bottles of nail polish, slim and stylish and some very cool colors that are unique just to them. They throw in some freebies and some other cool products too. Like this month I got a mascara, a top coat and a manicure thingy... I still need to read about it.  Their website has the full write up on all the items that are shipped, how to use them and why they are the coolest!

So go and check it out! It's a great indulgent for this month of love...hint, hint hubbies out there. One last unique thing about this club, you can choose to "skip" months if you don't like the shipment. I got my Julep box for the month of December, but skipped January. Then I did get it for February, since there were so many cool products shipping.  If you are interested in signing up, give me some blogger love and use the referral link below by clicking the circle below:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my latest confession!

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