Monday, January 7, 2013

Confession Two - Down Time from being Creative

Can you believe it? I'm on my second post of the year! Yahoo! I'm committed now, I have all my subscribers waiting to see what I write about next.  I'll be working on many creative projects this month, but for today I thought it would be good to show how I decompress from my "creative" day.  I have a hard time shutting off the brain and not thinking of "creative" stuff all day long.  If you are like me, everyday is hectic and planned to the gills with a "To - Do List" that is so long, I think any day now, my iPhone app is going to start charging me. In addition to exercising (I'm currently "off" the wagon) I confess that I do like watching well written TV Series to decompress. I guess you can say I'm sorta  a TV Junkie! It's just a great way to transport myself into another life, world and situation. It let's me really forget about my day and life for a short while and focus on something else.

Here are some of my favorite shows... And yes, I love watching many of these series on Netflix, back to back on my Kindle, iPad, Computer, Roku or Blue-ray... I'm committed you see?

Nashville - ABC What's not to like about country musicians living in Nashville, TN with the glitz and glam. Not to mention the amazing singers! My Nashville Soundtrack is one of my favorites right now (stay tuned to a monthly "playlist" post).

Scandal - ABC Being a Poli Sci Major, this series is riveting for me! It takes me back to my college days when I once contemplated working in Washington DC with a politician. The writing is amazing, keeping your attention from one episode to another. I couldn't watch Season 1 quick enough!

Homeland - Showtime If you are looking for an intense show that keeps you on your toes and wanting more and more this is the show for you. I absolutely love Claire Danes and the rest of the cast. It doesn't hurt that the show is highly political about a Marine who is thought to be "turned" into a terrorist when he is released after 8 years in captivity. A bit of romance and there you go, a fabulous show.

Mad Men - AMC Set in the 1960's, at a fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. I love watching this with the hubs, we laugh and get shocked with every episode on what is considered appropriate during the 1960's  in a corporate environment. It's interesting to see the way women were treated back then.  If you are fan of this time period like me, then you will love watching Mad Men. Catch up on past episodes (originally aired in 2007) on Netflix and Amazon.

Of course with the new season of Downton Abbey starting and all the hype, I want to watch this series now! Any of you watch it?

Let me know in the comments what you like watching, I'm sure I could use another series or 2 to watch....  Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you liked my latest confession!


  1. I too am a TV junkie! Watching from bed on the iPad is the best!


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