Friday, January 25, 2013

Confession Nine - Photo Booth in your Pocket

I can't believe I'm on confession nine... Yay for me for keeping this up. It's a chore some days, just finding time to write and then trying to figure out the best topic for the amount of time I have.
Today, I'm confessing about one of the many photo apps I use on my iPhone, IncrediBooth. {{swooning}} Have you been keeping up with the PhotoBooth trend? It's everywhere, from parties, to graduations to weddings. OMG, it's so silly and fun and retro, what's not to like? It's super easy to use and gives you the flexibility of saving just one picture (like here) or in a classic photo strip format (like below). I love getting my creative fix using this app. And I'm totally ON TREND!

Check it out, at 99 Cents... you can't even get a coffee for that price!
You can shoot in all different types of filters and buy more filters right through the app.

Go have fun with this swanky app this weekend!

Yes, you see that right, Baby Bella can touch her tongue to her nose... EWE, pure talent!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my latest confession!

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