Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School - Post #1 - Back to School Gift for the Teachers

Ok, so I'm going to make a series of posts on how to make your life easier and better now that school is back in session! My first post, it's really about brown nosing. This is usually not how I roll, but I really like to to start out the school year being crafty. It makes me feel good, let's my daughters know I value their teachers and gives the teachers a little goody.

My first tip in doing these is to find a friend to do them with. It's always easier and more fun to craft with friends. I do many of my holiday crafts with my BFF. Only one of us has to shop for the items and then we get together for wine and assemble... sounds like a good deal right? Then, put a price tag to your craft or gift. This ensures you don't spend too much.  This gift probably cost less then $5 per box.

Here's the details on the craft:

Back to School Survival Kit items:
Tackle Box
Hand Sanitizer
Paper Clips
True Lemon
A Cute Sign

The Girls over at Eighteen 25 gave me inspiration.  Have you seen their blog? Check it out... I'm a true addict!

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