Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to School - Post #3 School Lunches

So my dear friend Sue and I had many obsessions together but one that stands out is our love for cute lunches. Sue and I spent countless hours reading blogs, buying supplies, hunting down just the right type of food items and chatting about it.  And I'll have to say, I just swoon when I make a lunch that is cheery and cute! Here are some things that I try to do with every lunch:

1. Write a sweet lunch note. Just another opportunity to tell our kids that they are special and mean the world to us. My older daughter likes to collect the notes, that is why you see 2 in the picture below. We have many plastered on her box by the end of the week.
2. A balanced meal. I try to give a vegetable, protein and a fruit in every meal. As my 8 year old becomes more and more picky with how she will eat vegetables, I have to become more and more creative. Lately, I've been doing vegetables in the form of a V8 Fusion Drink. She thinks it's a treat!
3. Organize the lunch in a fun way. I add stickers and you'll see with other posts, sometimes I organize by color or by theme like a holiday.

Lately, my BFF convinced me into making the lunches at night. This is working out well as I have more time to "embellish" the lunch!  I hope you enjoy making lunches for the kids a little more.
If you have a neat tip, comment and let me know!

Until Later.... !

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