Monday, August 20, 2012

Orchestra - Review of one of my favorite iPhone / iPad apps

Okay, I still have an awesome party reveal to show you and talk about, but until I get my brain around that, I'm keeping you occupied by telling you about one of my favorite apps. Orchestra... "ah ha" can you hear me singing? I LOVE LOVE this app! OMG, it really has changed my life! It's a supercharged to do list with some really cool super charged features! Here they are listed by importance:

1. Set up a to do item for someone else - Genius right? And the person doesn't even have to have an iPhone / iPad or even use Orchestra! Double Genius. So, when I want the hubby to call on that contractor or change a light bulb, I can automatically schedule it on his To do List. He gets an alert and is even prompted to tell me when he is finished with the task. I often use this with my BFF when she tells me about something and is like "ok, ya, I'll send you the link" and then a couple days go by and no link.... I'll set up a To Do for her in Orchestra!  Then when she doesn't respond to the Task, Orchestra even let's you nudge them and remind them to complete their task.  Can you see why I like this?

2. You can forward an email to your Orchestra To Do List. I don't know if you are like me, but people are constantly asking me to help them with something... PTA, Girl Scouts etc etc. It seems like it's a never ending email list of things to do. So instead of having to retype all that stuff out, I can forward that email to Orchestra and it dumps it right into my To Do list.  I can give it a due date just like the rest of the tasks OR, wait for it, I can assign it to someone else! Awesome right? Are you loving this. I have a theme here, I think I might be learning how to delegate!

3. It's robust in other features that I like to use from time to time, like collaboration, speak to text and syncing (which is really helpful when I can't locate my cell phone but need to update my To Do List, which is very often).

Check it out here:

I'm hoping that the Android version is released soon... I have a Droid freak in the house, I know, I couldn't convert him... !

Until next time... Later...

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